Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry focuses on you as a total person, not just a symptom, health event, or dental procedure.

Studies have shown that patients who are actively involved in their healthcare achieve better outcomes. Patient education is now a critical factor in disease prevention and management.

You understand the importance of a good diet and healthy lifestyle and their impact on all aspects of your physical, mental, and oral health. Limiting or avoiding toxins in your environment and in your body can help you look and feel better and healthier.

That same concept is embraced within the philosophy of biological dentistry. Biological dentists are not specialized but do have a different outlook. Your optimal oral health is directly connected to your whole body wellness.

What is the benefit of biological dentistry to me?

At LivingWellness Dental we believe in partnering with you to develop a customized, long term plan of care for optimal oral and physical outcomes.

Recognizing that materials and procedures used in dental care should work safely and in cooperation with your body, we select only biocompatible products for fillings, restorations, and treatments. There are over 500 different dental materials available to restore a single tooth. What is compatible for one may not be compatible for another. We understand that and use compatibility testing to make sure what we use is tailored for you.

Mercury-free and mercury-safe biological dental care

Because our goal is to help you to live well, we use safe and effective materials. We also offer specialized testing, which determines any sensitivity or reaction that you may have to a comprehensive list of dental materials.

As a mercury-safe, biological dental practice, we also adhere to strict protocols developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to remove silver amalgam fillings without exposure to our patients, staff, and environment.

Conveniently located in Calgary, our practice is easily accessible to patients in Red Deer, Canmore, Airdrie, and surrounding communities. For your best overall health and wellness, call our friendly team today at 403-289-6615 or visit our website