By Korrie-Mae Wiszniak, CEO, Kids@ Churchill Park

As you might know, it’s Kids@Churchill Park’s 50th Anniversary a few months from now. To help celebrate the milestone,we’re going to approve 8 new Calgary Family Day Homes in 2020.

More Family Day Homes in Calgary is great news for parents looking for trusted, home-based care for their children.

It’s also great news for Calgary entrepreneurs who want to earn revenue by providing approved care for up to six children without a license.

Under the Child Care Licensing Act of Alberta, you can do that (operate with no license), but an agency approval is recommended to elevate your business beyond the “babysitting” category.

The approval makes your business a recognized Family Day Home and offers the following benefits:

  • Accreditation funding eligibility, including wage top-ups
  • Child care training, professional development and networking opportunities with other Family Day Home providers
  • Home visits to ensure and optimize the safety of your program
  • Use of the Approved FamilyDay Home logo
  • Agency placements of children in your care (finding you customers and revenue)

Our agency staff are certified as Child Development professionals. We’ll work to ensure compliance with standards. We hold organizational approvals and contracts with Children’s Services. We’ll work with you to become an approved Family Day Home provider, advising you on the next steps.

Please email us at, in confidence, if you want to run a Family Day Home in Calgary and we’ll get back to you asap regarding 1) your eligibility for an agency approval, and, 2) next steps.